Welcome to Papa Dogs

The whole hot dog idea started from a Facebook post talking about the Hot Dog place in our home town on the east coast. We had dreamed about wanting to bring the item to Hawaii for years.

Von was actually ill for a few months when the business idea was birthed into reality. After a little digging we were able to find the second owner of the business, but he was tight lipped about the ingredients in the secret sauce. We worked for several months to no avail and just couldn’t tweak the taste anywhere close to the original sauce. We practically begged for him to sell us the recipe and got a solid “No Can Do” every time.
Months passed and every week our family come by to taste test, many were so bad we had to throw them away right out of the test kitchen. We called him again and told him what we were putting into the mix. He chuckled a bit and made a couple of minor suggestions to remove two spices.

The “Pit Bull Chili Sauce" was born - close but unique in its own way. By then our family was pretty tired of testing so we invited a few friends over to try it out.

The rave reviews began coming in. Maybe Von has something here. Some wanted it even hotter so the “Volcano Dog" was born.

All the while we are building the custom trailer from the ground up - a few miracles along the way in that story too! We were just about out of funds and still needed to paint it,when our neighbor's friend offered to spray paint it for practically no cost, we just would need our own compressor. Wouldn’t you know our dear friend “Uncle George” had one for sale at a family rate. This was a turning point!

The Curry story was just as in the story book. Von recovered enough to go back to work and met a retired Chief named Kei. Von shared his dream about making a mobile food truck to sell Gourmet Hot Dogs. Von wanted to make a curry topped hot dog called the “Akita” the most popular dog in Japan. Kei suggested Von learn to make Japan Style Curry, which is different than the local style.

He taught Von how to make curry from scratch. We took the Curry to
 “Eat the Streets” in our neighborhood and it was a hit.

Now we are known for Gourmet Hot Dogs, Curry and Chili...  the rest is history in the making.
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